Sunday, March 29, 2009


I think I'm a day late again! I meant to blog yesterday, but then forgot. I was even knitting my handmade item for HSKS while playing online Monopoly, you'd think I would remember. Ah well..

My handmade item for the HLBOE swap is done. Well, it needs to be accessorized, but the knitting is done. After frogging and starting over. Colorwork is a PITA and this was supposed to be an easy/beginners colorwork project. I have even more respect now for all those Fair Isle sweaters. Wow. It's cool that I did it, but I don't think I'll be rushing to do another. lol

Now my handmade item for HSKS is underway. Really, I need to start reading patterns before deciding to do them. This isn't going to be a hard knit, per say, but the stitch is uses is different and kind of a PITA. It looks really cool though.

Ryan is on leave and will be deploying on the 12th. We're both glad that he's able to go to Honduras instead of Iraq or Afghanistan, but it still stinks.

Bella is doing well. I discovered she's been peeing on the floor in the extra room and Ethan's room. Unfortunately, I did not discover this until it started to smell bad. But I caught her the other day. I need to get some floor cleaner and a scrub brush to clean the rug, what I have here isn't working for the smell. It's better, but not all gone. She goes out a lot during the day, so I'm hoping this is just an adjustment period type of thing. Arty did it too when we first got her.

We hit up the thrift stores and the swap meet this weekend. It was fun. I got some "new" clothes, which is nice. I also got some DVDs at the swap meet today. I was looking for Nightmare Before Christmas, but no luck. I did get Sleepy Hollow, Pirates of the Carribean 2 and Black Sheep. If you're into zombie horror/comedy movies, check out Black Sheep. I haven't seen it yet, but it looks good, in a bad sort of way. :)

I have been swapping altogether too much lately. I'm not talking about my HP swaps, but the swap/trade boards on Rav. They are addicting and I need to stop. I'm going to unjoin those forums for a bit. I spend way too much on postage. I keep saying I'm going to stop/cut back, but each pay period I end up with $40 or more in postage. So, I'm going to have to unjoin. I really like chatting with the people there, so it's a little sad. I actually want to start cutting back on my internet time in general.

Well, I think Ethan is up to no good, so I'm going to go find him.

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Pren said...

amazing how doing something gives you a whole new point of view about it huh? i had that exact same expierience on my first faire isle hat which STILL isnt finished hahaha